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DLX Luxe

Velocity Adjustment

What Not To Do…

1. Fold Over Your Grips When Charging

dlx luxe

2. Plug the Battery into the Speaker Terminal

dlx luxe

3. Remove the Body Plugs

dlx luxe dlx luxe

4. Use Snap Screws on the Vision Side of the Frame

dlx luxe
dlx luxe

5. Use the wrong screws when installing a drop back rail or new ASA.

dlx luxe dlx luxe


Function of the Luxe

How air gets through the Luxe
The Regulator
Power Core
Feather Touch
Lift Cap


Advanced Maintenance & Tech Tips

Trouble Shooting
Leak Down the Barrel
Grip Frame Leak
-Turn down the regulator
-Firing Can Oring
-Sail Oring

BONUS: Full Luxe Tear Down / Rebuild

Requested Videos

First Shot Drop Off – FSDO
Eye Ribbon Install Tips
Install Tips for Can Orings
Servicing the Soleniod.